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To Educate

and Uplift.

Color & Read was created to expose children to explore historical and educational facts in a child-friendly way to encourage reading and coloring


Color and Read 

We would love to work with you for your next event, partnership, or any other special occasion. Be sure to order a “Color and Read Play Pack”. Our play packs come with your choice of eight crayons, a mini football, jacks, jump rope, and frisbee.


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Founder & Owner

Kim Bailey created Color & Read as a way to introduce civil rights leaders and historical facts in a kid-friendly way

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Our Programs

Looking to bring us into the classroom, your home, or for your next event? We create memories and amazing experiences with our Color & Relax and Color &Read workshops. Whether you're interested in collaborating with us for a youth program or need to therapeutically color and relax, Color and Read features programs for all.


color and reAD

Color & Read sessions are targeted towards children to educate and encourage them to learn about important historical figures while exploring their creative side



Color & Relax are adult coloring parties for grown-ups to color, mix, and mingle.  Every Color & Relax gives you a little something different to enjoy.



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Want to put together a specific program for your organization? We are always looking for fresh and new ways to impact the youth and the community.


Wonderful!! This book is an excellent resource for teaching kids about the Civil Rights era. So often, books only focus on the men of the Civil Rights Movement. This book exposes children to many often-overlooked icons.

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